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Micro Bags for Spring by Modnitsa Styling_1

Micro Bags for Spring

I'm so excited for the coming Spring - I feel like the last two months flew by (mostly inside - as the NYC weather is quite unforgiving this time of year) and I can't wait to shed all the layers and pull out the cute...

Polene Bag Elegant Style by Modnitsa Styling

Elevated elegance with Polène

Happy 2021 - Hope it's off to a great start!  With the Holiday Season over, and Spring still miles away, I find this a good time to hibernate - and refocus. One of the ways I like to do it is by revisiting my closet as...

Family Photo Shoot Styling Tips by Modnitsa Styling

Fall Family Photoshoot Styling Tips

I can't believe it's end of October! With the Holiday Season quickly approaching -- whatever that might look like this year -- I'm sure some of you guys are gearing up to take Holiday Card Photos and I wanted to share a few of my...

Loveshackfancy Gwen Dress Modnitsa Styling

5 Steps to get out of a style rut

Happy August! I hope you're enjoying your Summer as much as possible - it certainly is a different kind this year. It's been both a long and short couple of months since my last post, in the absence of in-person client work since March, I've been...

Banana Republic Proenza Schouler Summe Pastels Look by Modnitsa Styling

Pretty Summer Pastels

As we near August, and Summer is in its heat (literally), I'm gravitating towards softer, true Summer colors in the pastel family. They bring peace to a hot day, and are the perfect faded look for the last month of Summer. For today's look, I put...


Living The Romper Life

And just like that, we're in mid July! Summer is in the midst of its heat, and most days I find myself reluctant to stick my head outside (even though I still do it as life with a 15-month old requires you to). Because of...