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Fall Family Photoshoot Styling Tips

Family Photo Shoot Styling Tips by Modnitsa Styling

I can’t believe it’s end of October! With the Holiday Season quickly approaching — whatever that might look like this year — I’m sure some of you guys are gearing up to take Holiday Card Photos and I wanted to share a few of my tips on how to style your family for your upcoming photoshoots – so you can look cohesive and take the brightest, most fun-looking pics. Please see below – as well as a few shots from my recent Mommy and Me Photoshoot 🙂

STEP 1: CONSIDER THE LOCATION WHEN CHOOSING YOUR COLOR PALETTE. I knew that since we were shooting on the beach – which typically appears Season-less, I wanted to add touches of Fall to convey the feeling of the Season. I also knew that Muhly grass would be in full swing and I would want the colors of our outfits to resemble those of the grass. When you’re deciding on the colors for your outfits you can choose ones that have an analogous color scheme with the location (i.e. something that looks like it compliments it) but in a darker or lighter version — so you don’t blend into your surroundings. Another option is to choose outfit colors that contrast the location — so you can pop against your background. These approaches create totally different moods — one more subdued and romantic, the other one, more alive, fun and intense.

STEP 2: COORDINATE BUT DON’T MATCH. I’m a huge fan of not matching photoshoot outfits exactly as it typically comes across more forced than just choosing a few style elements to repeat throughout everyone’s looks – such as a color palette, texture or pattern type. For my outfit on this recent shoot, I chose to go with a Fall-inspired color palette and coordinate Charlie’s look via similar colors. I purposefully mis-matched patterns so they looked more interesting juxtaposed against each other vs blending in with each other.

STEP 3: START WITH YOUR LOOK, THEN CHOOSE EVERYONE ELSE’S. I find that it’s definitely easier for me to start brainstorming photoshoot wardrobe by choosing my outfit first – and then selecting pieces for Charles or my husband if he is in the shoot as well. This gives direction and allows to play around with varying color combinations that work together well.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Whatever outfits you choose, make sure they’re something you won’t tire of looking at (like they don’t look so out of character that you would never wear them in real life). And – that they’re comfortable and easy to move around in, especially if you’re shooting with your kids as you might have to do a lot of bending/spinning/walking/running 🙂 

Hope these tips help you get ready for your next photoshoot!

You can shop this look (and my son’s outfit) in the carousel below:


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Photography by Megan Mahoney.

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