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I'm happy to share some kind words from my clients.
Looking forward to adding yours to this list!

"Dina helped me to look and feel great on my 50th birthday! I highly recommend her services."

-Lisa S. , Non-Profit Executive

"Very lovely personal shopping experience! Very responsive, knowledgable, and professional.."

-Magali G. , H.R. Team Leader

"Great experience. I purchase the Style Evaluation, Color Analysis, Closet Edit and shopping session. Dina is very personable and has has great style. I learned a lot from the experience and would highly recommend her."

-Cindy D. , Pharmaceutical Researcher

"Dina is very professional and made a very pleasant customized experience of this consultation. I am very excited of taking my next steps in finding my own polished style."

-Valeria R. , Opera Singer

"Dina's a wonderfully skilled, professional, and passionate stylist. She knows the science and art and makes it all very fun and efficient. Highly recommend!”

-Nell D. , Entrepreneur

"Dina, it was wonderful meeting you, and I love what I left with! You have an awesome way with people and I appreciate it very much!... I look forward to following up with you again one day! Look out for some of my friends - they were all exited to hear about you!"

-Sari L. , Teacher & Community Leader

"Dina is passionate about what she does and is incredibly efficient. Right from the initial acceptance of engaging Dina, she was very professional sending through all of the relevant communication to get a feel for what I wanted. If you want a professional & qualified person to do your color and/or wardrobe consulting, or to go shopping with, I would highly recommend Dina."

-Shona S. , Office Manager from Australia

"Dina put together my very own Personal Profile of Color, Style & Image... the entire experience was extremely helpful, informative and worth every penny. She was the real deal!"

-Stephanie R. , NYC Actress

"I had a visit with Dina and it was very fun and informative. The personal palette that she introduced to me is literally my fashion bible, I carry it everywhere I go, always pulling it out of my purse so I can be guided to the right colors for me. Dina is sweet, approachable and genuinely interested in her clients. Wonderful experience!”

-Rachael P. , NYC Actress

"Dina is the consummate professional with the savviest of insight. With those tools and her limitless patience, my time with her was invaluable. I’m already looking forward to showing off my new look!"

-Keith A. , Writer and Comedian, keithcomedy.com

"I’m so glad to have connected with Dina, and the timing was really perfect. I was in the process of launching a new business and wanted to update my look — as well as get out of my rut of wearing black all the time. Not only did she help me find colors that I’m now really comfortable in, she helped me refine my look to be both feminine and powerful. Thank you, Dina!"

-Susan Joyce P. , Founder of Hygieas and Gourmet Wellness

"I liked that Dina explained the concepts of dressing for my frame and personality. Dina did a color analysis on me to pick colors that look the best - what brightens up the face, what mutes it, and I received a color wheel to help while I shop on my own. She's really passionate about teaching her clients and that's what I wanted and she delivered."

-Shereetha A. , Executive Support

"Beautiful person...so full of energy...she gave my day a real boost!"

-Darnell C. , PR Professional

"Dina is organized, knowledgable and affable. She is very accommodating when it comes to scheduling and tailoring her services to your needs. And of course definitely has great style!"

-Christine H. , Outpatient Physician's Assistant

"Dina was amazing. She really revolutionized the way I look at fashion for myself and helped me realize the most flattering colors and styles!! I always take with me the style guide she helped me create when I go shopping."

-Miriam S. , Nutrition and Dietetic Student

"Dina was great to work with, she took the time to understand my style and what I was hoping to achieve. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a refresh!"

-Laura M. , V.P. Of Corporate Communications

"My husband and I went to New York for our honeymoon and decided to book a personal shopper for both of us. Dina was the right choice:) She told us which colors suits us best and found some very nice pieces for us 🙂 Thank you Dina! :-)"

-Monica D. , HR Consultant

"Dina taught us many tips and tricks to help us think systematically about dressing my mom's petite frame. She was very patient with us and tailored our appointment to our interests and needs. We would love to use her again!"

-Ginna B. , Writer

"Dina was amazing. She really revolutionized the way I look at fashion for myself and helped me realize the most flattering colors and styles!! I always take with me the style guide she helped me create when I go shopping."

-Colette O. , Director of Marketing

"Dina was very professional and amazing at helping find exactly what I needed. Overall had a great experience and service."

-Philip P. , Finance Professional

"Dina was amazing! Not only did she help me eliminate a lot of junk from my closet and replace with better items, she taught me a lot along the way so I feel more confident putting together outfits on my own now!"

-Eva-Rose D. , Enterpreneur

"Dina is a superstar. She was extremely helpful and it was a pleasure working with her."

-Nicole G. , Interior Designer

"Thank you again for a great new way to take care of my look and work! Shopping has never been so elegantly efficient."

-Erin , Theologian

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Alana’s Testimonial

Treat yourself to a styling session with Dina!

"If you treat yourself to anything this year, make it a styling session with Dina! She is tremendously efficient, well organized and generous. I went in thinking I was getting my color palette, and left with a whole new understand of how to put myself together. The money saved by preventing fashion missteps will more than make up for any spent on this service. I highly recommend Dina, I only wish I had met with her 25 years ago! Do this for yourself."

-Alana S. , Investment Advisor/Financial Planner

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Jenna’s Testimonial

Feeling like a stylish & refreshed version of myself!

"Dina is incredibly effective. Unlike most people who call themselves "stylists" or "personal shoppers", Dina is actually formally trained in this field. I was so impressed with her during our initial consultation that I immediately booked her for multiple services to help transform my style from "tired mom who only wears black yoga pants" to something more fabulous. She did not disappoint! With her help, I now feel like a much more stylish and refreshed version of myself. I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

-Jenna F. , Statistician turned Entrepreneur

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Christine’s Testimonial

Discover New Ways to Make Yourself Look Great!

"Session with Dina, you will discover ways to make yourself look great! I found out more colors I can work with (and should avoid), and fit styles that best work with the body I have. She doesn't push you to buy items you are not confident with, which is great. The discount partnerships she has are awesome and she's on top of any other promotions a store might have. Thanks to Dina, I am receiving a lot of compliments! For those who are about to have consultation, take before and after photos-you'll better see the difference, a noticeable improvement!"

-Christine L. , Legal Assistant

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Leora’s Testimonial

Whole new way of thinking about clothes!

"After more than a decade in casual work environments, I needed some help transitioning to a more formal look and putting outfits together. Dina is extremely knowledgeable and helped me to think about my style choices in a completely new way, while incorporating important elements of my personality. She was warm, well-prepared, and thorough, and I would recommend her highly for a fun and useful image update."

-Leora F. , Commercial Science Writer

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Jason’s Testimonial

Life Changing Experience!

"I will honestly say that the experience with Dina has been life-changing. I was unsettled about hiring a stylist. As a 50 year old male, I thought I had a good idea of what to wear when. Dina's entire process not only determines what will look best but also what will channel a more natural impression through an authentic style. She (gently) pushed me into fabrics, styles, colors, & stores that I wouldn't have picked on my own--without making me uncomfortable. The shopping experience was amazingly productive because of Dina's professionalism, precision, & encouragement. Not only do I have the foundations of a new wardrobe but I learned how to take it forward myself in the process. I couldn't be happier with Dina, her process, & the outcome. I will certainly work with her again & recommend her highly."

-Jason A. , Digital Product Developer

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Linda’s Testimonial

Eye opening experience!

"The styling session I had with Dina was eye opening; understanding colors and patterns that were right for me based on the shape of my face, my hair; I just never considered those as influences to the way to dress. Then on our shopping trip, she helped put the styling advice into reality as she pre-shopped before I arrived, for items we had decided to look for after she assisted with my closet edit. Anyone that stands in front of their closet saying they have nothing to wear, whether it’s to stay at home, go to work or out to dinner, should consider Dina’s assistance. Feeling good about getting dressed should be routine, not a hit or miss!"

-Linda W. , RN

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Simona’s Testimonial

Dina is simply amazing!

"Dina is simply amazing! Competent, fun, creative, it's been a pleasure to spend 2 afternoons with her. We started with color & style analysis and she introduced me to this completely new world for me. The 2nd day we went for shopping. She pre-shopped for me, so clothes were already waiting for me in the fitting room (which I loved as I hate to go through racks in the stores). We had a lot of fun, she's spontaneous & honest – when something didn't look good, she was the first one admitting it. She never forced me to buy something "fashion or stylish" that I didn't like/ didn't look good on me, I appreciated this a lot. It's been overall a great experience that I'll surely repeat next time I go to NY!"

-Simona S. , Medical Student

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Kelly’s Testimonial

New appreciation for my appearance

"Working with Dina was a wonderful experience. The closet edit was a much needed; Dina helped me put together 15+ outfits with what I already had. The new combinations made getting dressed in the morning take 1/2 the time. Dina made shopping a pleasant experience too - she pulled pieces that I never would have chosen for myself that I wear on a regular basis now! Dina is personable, upbeat & professional. She made me feel comfortable and gave me a new appreciation for putting some extra effort into my appearance. Highly recommend!"

-Kelly M. , Art Director

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Kara’s Testimonial

Fantastic & efficient way to shop!

"Shopping with Dina is fantastic & the most efficient way to find clothes. She whirls through the store & picks out everything that's likely to fit well, with spot-on advice about what works. She's terrific at finding good deals; I always leave with a pile of fabulous, surprisingly affordable new clothes. I'm pleasantly surprised by all the complements since working with her. Dina is very sweet, very knowledgeable, great with color, focused, & efficient. I highly recommend her!”

-Kara D. , Software Exec./Working Mom

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Alessandro’s Testimonial

Total confidence make-over

"Dina really took the time to get to know me and what my goals are. She then help me edit my closet, explained the right colors that worked for me & what to wear for specific situations. After working with Dina, not only do I now wear the right colors, but I’m amazed to see what a difference it makes and how confident I feel. I totally recommend Dina. She is very patient, knowledgeable and has great taste.”

-Alesssandro L. , Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Mary’s Testimonial

New Color discoveries

"Dina did a thorough color analysis showing me the best colors for my skin tone. It was almost the opposite of what I believed worked for me before! We had a really enjoyable shopping experience, with Dina picking out what I would never have thought of but which looked really good on a "mature" woman. Dina is delightful company with an outstanding "eye" for what works & what doesn't in one's appearance. I highly recommend her."

-Mary H. , Archivist

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Carrie’s Testimonial

Highlight of our Trip!

"My husband & I worked with Dina while visiting NYC & this experience was one of the highlights of our trip! Dina was awesome to work with: she was fun, worked within our budget, took us to stores with sales, & most importantly taught us about our style as we shopped. This was a lot of fun & next time we're in NYC, I'll definitely hire Dina! I will refer her to anyone going to New York. Awesome experience :)"

-Carrie S. , Community Health Nurse

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Vikki’s Testimonial

Complements on my new outfits!

"Dina is a professional & very understanding, she focused on what works for me in particular, based on my color analysis, facial features & body type; we talked about clothing fit and intention. I came out of the initial session incredibly informed. Then we had a closet edit & focused on making the items I had work together and we created quite a few new looks! The next day everyone at work complimented my outfit!"

-Vikki S. , Non-Profiit Professional

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Neeli’s Testimonial

New world of color and style

"I had a really great experience with the Color Analysis & Image consultation. It was beyond what I was expecting & has opened my eyes to so many possibilities for presenting myself both at work, on social occasions & just casual. Dina really has thorough knowledge & experience. She is also very good about getting to know you before the session and keeping in touch with you after. I am very happy I made this appointment with Dina!"

-Neeli R. , Sr. IT Business Analyst

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Anna-Maria’s Testimonial

Expressing Authentic Style

"I had been in a wardrobe rut for a long time. After consulting with Dina, I now have a better understanding of what colors and clothing pieces work best for me as well as how to express my personal style more authentically. She also gave great suggestions for items to add to my wardrobe. Now when I open my closet I am excited about my outfit possibilities. I will be applying what I learned from my sessions with Dina for years to come!"

-Anna-Maria P. , Writer

Personal Shopping and Image Consulting Client Testimonials

Sana’s Testimonial

Quality Clothes Within my Budget

"I really enjoyed my experiences & learned a lot from Dina: what colors look best on me, how I can portray a certain look . The color tool is invaluable -as the colors that suit me will never change. Dina was extremely mindful of the budget I gave her & did not exceed it . We found a lot of quality clothes that look great of me! Dina gave me tips how to "save" what doesn't work if I have something similar in my closet. Overall, I highly recommend Dina!"

-Sana A. , Engineer