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Elevate Your Style with a Virtual Color Analysis

Discover your ideal “Color Season” and unlock a curated color palette that will boost your confidence and elevate your style. With my Virtual Color Analysis service, you’ll receive a personalized report showcasing your digital color palette, power colors, and tailored recommendations for necklines, textures/patterns, eyewear, and jewelry based on your unique face shape and features. Enhance your style and look your absolute best!

Ready to look your best? Book your virtual color analysis today!

With my Virtual Color Analysis service, you will discover a world of colors that truly suit you, enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence. With the knowledge of your unique color season, making fashion choices becomes easier and shopping trips are less stressful. Dress in colors that make you feel good every day!

What’s included:

  • Color Palette + Face Shape/Features Recommendations: I will determine your “Color Season” and provide a detailed PDF report that includes a digital palette of your most flattering colors, along with your “power color,” recommended “neutrals,” and colors to avoid. Additionally, I will assess your face shape and review your facial features to offer personalized recommendations on jewelry, eyewear, necklines, patterns, and textures that enhance your natural beauty.

  • Color Fan Tool: You will receive a physical tool by mail, which includes your complete Seasonal palette.

  • [OPTIONAL] Explanation of Findings PDF: This document explains the criteria I use for color analysis. It covers the “reasons for your season” based on your provided photos. It also provides tips & tricks on assessing colors and clothing, and a detailed guide to make the most of your report and color fan tool.

  • [OPTIONAL] Feedback Session: After reviewing your report, feel free to email me with up to 5 follow-up or clarification questions. We can discuss them via email to provide you with the answers and any necessary clarification.

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Choose Your Virtual Color Analysis Package

  • Basic Color Analysis
  • $ 125 plus $5.99 shipping
    • Virtual Color Analysis & Facial Features Assessment
    • Digital Report: Color Palette + Face Shape/Features Recommendations
    • Report delivered in 5-7 business days
    • Color Fan Tool (mailed to you)
    • Bonus Content: Detailed explanation of my findings, valuable styling tips & tricks, insightful “reasons for your season”
    • Bonus Content: Personalized feedback session
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Most Insight!
  • Comprehensive Color Analysis
  • $ 225 plus $5.99 shipping
    • Virtual Color Analysis & Facial Features Assessment
    • Digital Report: Color Palette + Face Shape/Features Recommendations
    • Report delivered in 10-14 business days
    • Color Fan Tool (mailed to you)
    • Bonus Content: Detailed explanation of my findings, valuable styling tips & tricks, insightful “reasons for your season”
    • Bonus Content: Personalized feedback session
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About Me

I’m Dina Scherer, a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. My love for fashion began at a young age, influenced by the stylish women in my family who possessed an innate sense of style. My mother, in particular, instilled in me an appreciation for quality clothing and attention to detail.

This passion led me to start Modnitsa Styling, a business that focuses on a structured approach to discovering and cultivating unique looks for my clients. My goal is to help you in finding your personal style, boosting your confidence, and creating outfits you’ll be excited to wear.

What sets me apart? I’m dedicated to professional development and providing excellent service. I hold certifications from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and the Image Resource Center of New York (IRC).

With 15+ years in the fashion industry, I’ve gathered a wealth of experience as a style expert. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my fashion insights and tips with top publications like WWD, Business Insider, Today.com, Cheddar News, Elle Decor, Readers Digest, The Strategist, Byrdie, Bloomberg, and The New York Times. And I always stay up-to-date with the latest trends to provide my clients with fresh and innovative advice.

Let’s work together to discover your unique fashion identity and create a wardrobe that truly represents you. With my guidance, you’ll feel empowered, motivated, and confident in your everyday style. I can’t wait to get started!




What is a Color Analysis?

Color Analysis is a process of identifying your Color Season (Autumn, Spring, Summer, or Winter). By knowing which colors, shades, and tones complement you best, you’ll always look your absolute best. With this knowledge, you’ll more easily and effectively shop for your wardrobe, accessories, and makeup collection. Plus, you’ll make better use of the clothes and accessories you already own.

What is a Facial Shape & Features Assessment?

In a Facial Shape & Features Assessment, I will analyze your face shape and evaluate your facial features to identify what types of jewelry, accessories, necklines, patterns, and textures will work best for you. This personalized assessment will help you enhance your style and make informed decisions on how to create outfits and elevate your style.

What info do you need from me after I order?

Once you’ve placed your order, I’ll contact you with the information needed to complete your analysis. This includes a brief questionnaire and a request for photos of you wearing specific colors. Look out for my email within 24 hours of placing your order!

What's the difference between the two color analysis options?

The Basic and Comprehensive Color Analysis options differ in that the Comprehensive option includes the Explanation of Findings PDF. This detailed document explains how I determined your Season, outlines the characteristics of color I consider, and provides instructions on how to make the best use of your color fan tool and report. Additionally, with the Comprehensive Color Analysis, you can ask up to 5 short follow-up or clarification questions via email.

What information is included in the Color Analysis report?

The Digital Report will provide an in-depth facial features analysis, offering tailored recommendations on necklines, textures, patterns, eyewear, and jewelry that best complement your unique face shape and features. It will also include detailed explanations of the color nuances that define your Season, along with an overview of the color analysis methodology employed to determine your Season. Additionally, you will find detailed information about your personalized color palette, featuring a digital color palette, a selection of “best neutrals” and “power colors,” inspiring color combinations to explore, and helpful guidance on colors to avoid.

How long will it take to receive the results?

The timing depends on which Color Analysis option you choose. For the Basic Color Analysis, you’ll receive the report within 5 -7 business days after I receive your photos. For the Comprehensive Color Analysis, the report & explanation of findings will be sent within 10-14 business days after I receive your photos.

Can I receive my results faster?

I offer a “rush” upgrade for faster report delivery. For the Basic Color Analysis, get your report in 1 business day for an extra $35. For the Comprehensive Color Analysis, receive your report in 5 business days for an additional $50. Choose the “rush” upgrade at checkout.

How do I use the Color Fan Tool?

For the best use of your color fan tool, I recommend bringing the fan with you when you shop and referencing the colors you are shopping for with tool swatches. Please keep in mind that paper & fabric colors may appear different – but the tool will help you train your eye to spot your Seasonal colors with more ease and confidence. If you choose the Comprehensive Color Analysis option, the Explanation of Findings PDF will provide even more detailed instructions on how to effectively utilize your tool.

Can I ask for clarification on the results?

If you choose the Comprehensive Color Analysis option, you will have the opportunity to ask up to 5 short follow-up or clarification questions over email.

How will I benefit from Modnitsa Styling's Color Analysis Service?

My virtual color analysis is the perfect way to identify your ideal color palette. You’ll discover the most flattering shades and tones that will help you look your best, most confident, and “connected to your clothing”. What you learn from your color analysis will help you to get dressed with more ease and polish, choose wisely when shopping (eliminating many shopping mistakes), and get more excited about your wardrobe and makeup – knowing that you are dressing authentically & intentionally.

How will a Color Analysis help me choose clothing & accessories?

Knowing your “Color Season” will help you choose clothing and accessories in the shades and tones that compliment your natural beauty. These colors will make your features pop, and help you look well-rested, polished, youthful, and happy. These color recommendations can also be applied to your makeup routine, further enhancing your overall appearance.

Can I use the Color Analysis findings to shop for makeup?

Yes, the color palette you will receive can be used for makeup, clothing, accessories, and even home decor! It’s your key to crafting a unique “signature look.” If you’re looking for personalized product recommendations for your makeup palette, you can also schedule a “virtual makeup shopping” session with me.

Can I purchase this as a gift?

Absolutely! Both Color Analysis options are perfect for unique and fun gifts. When ordering, select “gift” at checkout and provide the recipient’s name and address as the shipping address. In the order notes, you can include a brief, one-sentence message for the e-gift certificate. I will prepare the e-gift certificate and promptly email it to you. Simply forward or print it out for the lucky recipient to redeem at their convenience, as my contact information will be included.

How accurate is the analysis?

Over the past 15 years, I’ve conducted in-person color analysis for hundreds of clients. This invaluable hands-on experience has honed my ability to perceive subtle color nuances. Building on my success with in-person consultations, I’ve been offering virtual styling services since 2020. It brings me great joy to expand my services beyond my NYC studio and reach a wider audience. I am excited to work with you on your style journey!