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Loveshackfancy Yellow Dress Levis Jacket Margaux Shoes Cult Gaia Bag Outfit by Modnitsa Styling

Mellow Yellow for Summer

Happy mid-June, and the official start to Summertime! The days are still getting longer and the sun is higher - making me excited for all the bright days ahead! As I always tell my clients, the colors we wear and those that surround us are great...

Loveshack Fancy Dress Cult Gaia Bag Pink Lily Belt Outfit by Modnitsa Styling

Summer Romance with Loveshackfancy

Happy almost Summer! With the 80-90 degree weather here in NYC it sure has been feeling like it. I can't say the Summer is my favorite season even though I do prefer the warmth to cold - I think that it might be the humidity...

Rhode Dress Inez Shoes Cult Gaia Bag Outfit by Modnitsa Styling

Vacation Blues for Spring

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! As we get deeper into May and closer to the Summer, I wanted to share a look that is perfect for a Spring-into-Summer vacation, or a special occasion. It's designed with simplicity and elegance in mind - with only 3 key pieces...