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Modnitsa Styling  Virtual Personal Shopping (5 Outfits) + Support and Feedback Session
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Modnitsa Styling Style Development Color Analysis Session

Virtual Personal Shopping (5 Outfits) + Support and Feedback Session


Revamp your style & get a ton of compliments on your new look!




Virtual Shopping Session is a convenient way for me to shop for you whenever an in-person shopping is not possible.

Upon the completion of the Virtual Style Consultation or a Style Development + Color Analysis Session we had together, we will come up with a shopping list for 5 outfits (based on outfit scenarios you get dressed for on a regular basis – including any trips/special occasions you might have planned) that I will be virtually sourcing for you via various online retailers.

Based on the shopping list, we will also discuss budget per item (e.g. pair of jeans, etc.), and I will provide suggestions on the retailers that I would use so we can agree on those as well.

Within 2 weeks of finalizing the shopping list, I will be emailing you 5 outfit collages with 4 outfit components each (e.g. jeans, top, pair of shoes, handbag), with clickable links to retailers, where you can purchase the items in the style collages. For each outfit created, I will be also be providing you with 4 options of each piece at various price-points that will fit within your budget.

Some collages might include shoes and accessories, while others won’t – so I can focus on other pieces, like coats, blazes, etc. – to provide you with a well-rounded selection of interchangeable outfit components.

Here is one example of a shoppable style collage that I created for another client in the past — please note, each collage will be fully tailored to you in terms of style, colors, budget, retailers, etc.

Virtual Support and Feedback allows me to offer ongoing support, advice and feedback throughout the virtual shopping process over email. Once the purchases start to arrive, I provide feedback on the outfits/pieces you’re considering, as well as styling tips/advice on the outfits/pieces to help you decide what works, and how to integrate it into your existing closet, accessorize it, etc..

If you have any questions prior to booking please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I can’t wait to work with you to achieve you style development goals!


*If you’re purchasing this package as a gift, you will receive a gift certificate that you can print or email to your recipient. After your order is processed, I will contact you within 24-48 hours so we can customize your gift certificate.

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