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Zimmermann Dress Freda Salvador Booties Polene Bag Outfit by Modnitsa Styling

Ethereal Zimmermann Dress NYC Fall Outfit

When NYC weather is as perfect as it's been this October, I get to do my favorite outfit formula - dress with booties. For todays' outfit, I styled a whimsical, twirly Zimmermann dress with red+pink accessories to keep the look ethereal and feminine....

Micro Bags for Spring by Modnitsa Styling_1

Micro Bags for Spring

I'm so excited for the coming Spring - I feel like the last two months flew by (mostly inside - as the NYC weather is quite unforgiving this time of year) and I can't wait to shed all the layers and pull out the cute...

Polene Bag Elegant Style by Modnitsa Styling

Elevated elegance with Polène

Happy 2021 - Hope it's off to a great start!  With the Holiday Season over, and Spring still miles away, I find this a good time to hibernate - and refocus. One of the ways I like to do it is by revisiting my closet as...