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Wearing White After Labor Day – How and Why

Wearing White After Labor Day Style Tips and Suggestions

I must say, after doing extensive research on why wearing white after Labor Day is such a fashion faux pas, I’ve come to the following 2 conclusions:

1. We no longer live in the world of snobbish fashionistas that dictate what we can and can’t wear. As independent and creative dressers, individuals (and in my case, stylists) we make our own rules.
2. If Coco Chanel could wear white all year round, so can we 😉

So, I propose to you 5 arguments for why (and how) you should wear white after Labor Day, despite the intense criticism you would probably evoke from the super-rich high society ladies of the 1800’s.

A case for wearing white year-round:

1) SALES: White goes on sale during most Labor Day weekend sales. There: best argument of all. You can stock up on it for next season and make some pretty statement outfits with it for early Fall. Check out some of the best of “white labor day sales” below. Links are at the bottom of the post.

2) COLORFUL PRINTS: White looks great with colorful prints – and as prints are always fun and approachable, they’re a must in your wardrobe. Check out some ways I mixed 2 prints with my favorite AG Denim Malibu Shorts when I went to see the “China Through the Looking Glass” Met Exhibit (and stay tuned for some highlights of the exhibit, coming up in a post next week!) For one of my prints, I chose a bracelet by Silk Philosophy, a new brand I’m obsessed with. Their silk bracelets are so feminine, fun and most of all – colorful.

3) FALL SWEATERS: White pants/jeans/leggings can go so well with Fall Sweaters. Check out these lust-worthy pieces from one of my favorite retailers – Free People. Makes you kind of wish we had a bit of chilly weather just so you can wear them, right?

4) PROPORTIONS & LENGHT: White is an optically magnifying color (remember: light colors enhance/enlarge, dark colors minimize), so be sure to stay true to your proportions when wearing it in your bottoms. If you’re wider on the bottom and have more of a pear-shaped figure, you might want to look for tops to pair with your white pants with hemlines that hit just below your hip-bone – to draw attention more to your legs and bypass your hips visually.

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, a tucked-in top paired with your white bottoms will help you balance out your shape nicely by drawing more attention to your hips and waist, thus minimizing the top of your body.

In white bottoms, the length is also important – a cropped version might be a better fit if you have a petite frame, or have an hourglass or a pear-shaped figure, as it draws attention to your ankles (which are generally the narrowest, slimmest part of your leg) – thus making you look slimmer and taller overall. Choosing wide-leg white jeans can also be great trick for balancing out your overall shape – just be sure to look out for proportion to make sure the flare of the leg doesn’t overwhelm, and your shoulders and hips look in proportion with your waist being emphasized.

5) POLISH: White dresses bring an immediate polish to your look. Especially ones made out of lace, silk or with elements of either of the two. They can be dressed up with some short booties, a scarf and a blazer for a more “Fall Look”, or worn as is – for a “Summer Don’t Go” feel. In white dresses, observe the proportions by choosing an accent – either in a necklace or waist belt to draw attention to your best assets.

How do you wear white after Labor Day? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Happy Labor Day Weekend – and happy styling!
Fashionably yours,

Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling



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