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Markdown Mondays: Spring Wear

It's officially Spring, YAY! Despite yesterday's snow, the weather is back in the 50's and the feeling of freshness is in the air, along with the blooming trees and rising spirits. This week's #MarkdownMondays brings you some light and airy pieces in a mini-capsule wardrobe of sorts,...

Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Cuts

Markdown Mondays: Spring Edit, Part 4

One more week till Spring Equinox, otherwise known as the official first day of Spring! The weather in the North-East has been really temperamental lately - with 70 degrees one day, and dropping back to 30's and rain the next - but that elusive feeling of...

Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Deals

Markdown Mondays: Elegant in Gray

Hope everyone had a safe and warm weekend in the North-East! We had a ton of snow in Brooklyn, but the wonderland seemed to only last one day, as Sunday everyone was busy shoveling and the pure white snow turned into gray slush in a...