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Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Deals

Markdown Mondays: Mad for Plaid

I never used to like plaid and actually used to find it a bit sloppy and lazy. Until last month, when I picked up my first ever oversized plaid shirt at Anthropologie. I wore it every single day for 3 days straight (of course I did...

Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Discounts

Markdown Mondays: Playing Dress-Up at Work

Dressing up for the office can and should be fun - and today's #MarkdownMondays edition brings you some versatile items that can transition you from a day at the office feeling like a million bucks, to a night out for some cocktails and tapas. All...

Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Cuts

Markdown Mondays: Embracing the Summer White

Even though I'm a believer in breaking the archaic fashion rule about wearing white after Labor Day (you can read my 5 arguments for the "why" and "how" in my previous post if you missed it), I still decided to dedicate today's #MarkdownMondays edition to...