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Modnitsa Styling  52 Days of Style Daily Styling Cards
Daily Styling Cards Card Pack Quarter TurnDeck with flipped over cardBox with 2 CardsStyling Cards 4 Card SpreadDaily Styling Deck with Midi Skirt Outfit Card
Daily Styling Cards Card Pack Quarter Turn

52 Days of Style Daily Styling Cards


1 Deck of Daily Styling Cards



This deck of 52 Daily Styling Cards will make getting dressed in the morning more fun and exciting. Each card is packed with outfit suggestions, wardrobe tips, styling advice and color coordination ideas.

The cards are designed to inspire your morning routine as you tap into the style insights of Dina Scherer — one of NYC’s top wardrobe stylists & personal shoppers.

Draw a new card each morning for your daily dose of style inspiration. It’s like having a personal stylist on demand!


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Additional information

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