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Markdown Mondays: Work-Ready Outfit for Spring

Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Discounts

Markdown-Mondays-Collage-041116This week’s #MarkdownMondays is all about that go-to Spring “office-ready outfit”, with just enough feminine polish to look both clean and fun!

The players are this frilly blouse from Banana Republic that I’ve had a number of clients purchase over the past few months (and is now finally on sale for only $40!) which goes so well with these super flattering cropped Ryder Pants from JCrew. To add some creativity to the outfit, I chose these red pumps from Vince Camuto just in time for their Friends & Family Sale which ends today (25% off all shoes!) and I can personally attest that these will probably be the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own (and wear). This versatile piped jacket from Ann Taylor in black and white pulls the look together, and what would a work outfit be without this stylish timepiece by Michael Kors 😉

Styling Tips for taking your office look to the next level:

Even if your office calls for more a more conservative dress code, having some of these tips at your arsenal will help you keep your look fresh and interesting.

  1. Pick one colorful accessory to wear – but make it subtle (and have it play off another detail in your outfit). For example, if you choose to wear the red pumps from this style collage, pair them with red lipstick (even if it’s a light red – not the bold red of the shoes) to make the look have a common thread. Remember – intention is what makes the outfit look purposeful and put-together.
  2. Choose details that are color on color. For example, the blouse in this style collage is the same color as the ruffle it has, and the ruffle adds a little feminine touch without looking over the top (and looks clean because it’s in the same color as the blouse).
  3. Wear a fancy watch. The Michael Kors watch from this style digest has become a cult classic for a reason – it looks rich, clean AND glamorous, while also being at just the right price point. A fun watch can take your outfit from just mehh to effortless chic 🙂

To get more personalized styling tips, please don’t hesitate to reach to schedule your 1-on-1 Style Development Session with me at my studio!


Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling



Note: I’m not affiliated with any of the stores, just a fan 🙂

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