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Markdown Mondays: The Blazer

Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Cuts

Markdown-Mondays-Collage-040416This week’s #MarkdownMondays brings you the key item of the season that will help you pull your look together – the Blazer!

A Blazer is an important player in your wardrobe as it has the power to polish off an otherwise rather simple outfit, bring in elements of style like line, silhouette and details to enhance your body type, and can be the spark of color your need to liven up your look.

I found some great options, ranging from the ever-flattering and polished Regent Blazer from JCrew, to a light-weight Boatman Blazer by Cartonnier from Anthropologie, to a fun & flirty Harvey Draped Front Jacket by Alice & Olivia from Bloomingdales. We also have an option that falls in the category of jacket/blazer – this fun Pickstitch Cotton Embroidered Jacket by Rebecca Taylor and a more serious & clean-looking Brushed Camel Blazer by Ann Taylor. You can pair these with jeans or over a dress – as they are all versatile enough, and each one has its own personality that fills a specific need in your closet 🙂

Styling Tip for choosing an ideal blazer:

The three main aspects to consider when choosing the most flattering blazer are fit, details and proportions.

  1. Fit: based on your figure type, there might be an area of your body that you want to minimize/balance or accentuate. Check out my handy guide on finding your figure type with various suggestions. Look out for such things as shoulder pads, which can do wonders to accentuate your upper body if your shoulders are narrower than your hips, but can also make you look too top-wide if your shoulders are standard or wide. Fitted blazers, hugging your body curves, are perfect for hour-glass shapes, and cropped silhouettes can be super helpful for defining your waist by drawing attention there, and will work great for petites.
  2. Details: buttons and zippers creating a vertical line can help elongate your figure, while pockets and double-breasted styles can make you look wider. On the flip-side, a boxier fit can help camouflage a larger mid-section.
  3. Proportions: minding the hemline of the jacket is important as when we look at someone (or ourselves in the mirror), our eyes tend to scan for horizontal lines. Avoiding cutting yourself in half is important (which often happens if the blazer hits you right at your hip-bone) so look for styles that are either a little longer or shorter, or wear the blazer open so that your waistline (if your blouse is tucked) or shirt hem (if untucked) can create another horizontal line to balance out your outfit and create the golden mean proportion ratio (more on that in another post!)

To learn more about finding your ideal proportions and fit for your figure type, please don’t hesitate to reach to schedule your 1-on-1 Style Development Session with me at my studio!


Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling



Note: I’m not affiliated with any of the stores, just a fan 🙂

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