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How to Get out Of A Fashion Rut + Most Stylish Baby Toys

Most Stylish Baby Toys Blog Post

I seriously can’t believe that Charlie is already 4 months old, and that the Summer is coming to an end. Who’s with me in thinking it was way too short? Between running around with a baby and working with my clients a few times a week, it’s been a blur. I’m really looking forward to a few upcoming trips to get out of NYC and decompress, get some sun and change the scenery.

As most new moms can probably relate, taking care of an infant (plus balancing your own business/job/family/relationships) is all-consuming, and as I’ve been writing about in the past few posts, makes wardrobe decisions more challenging, and the desire for an organized, curated and simplified styling approach much stronger. I’ve given some suggestions on following chic yet uncomplicated outfit formulas in this post, and some suggestions on decluttering in this one, but one other thing I’ve been experiencing as a busy new mom is lack of inspiration from my “past life” clothes. I think this is not just something that happens to moms either, it also happens when you change jobs, retire, get in a new relationship, go up or down in size or just plain old get tired of your closet. Nothing seems to look appealing, and while you might have a ton of pieces you love, you just don’t seem to like them all together anymore. Does that sound familiar? That’s called (prepare for a very scientific name): A WARDROBE RUT. We’ve all been there at some point, and I feel that I’ve been going through one of my own recently with all the changes in my life, so I’ve come up with a few stylist tips on how to get out of it – and get re-inspired by your outfits and the confidence they can give you. Read on!

Tip 1: DECLUTTER AND ORGANIZE. This might sound tedious and unappealing, but believe me, it will get you to look at everything in your closet from a fresh perspective. Pick a Saturday or Sunday when it rains (we’ve been having some of those in NYC), and take everything out of your closets, re-try it on and be brutal. Toss what no longer fits. Organize by color, or garment type, or by mood. Whatever strikes. Don’t forget jewelry & shoes too, those items tend to accumulate even more and take up physical and mental space. I actually did that this weekend to all my jewelry and felt amazing after. I’ll be adding some of the pieces to my Poshmark End-of-Summer Sale, so keep an eye out. I’ve also invested in a new Cuyana travel jewelry case, and am ordering a full-sized one once it’s back in stock – they’re so stylish and clean, and were designed as part of their Marie Condo collaboration.  If you need professional help, I have a great organizer recommendation — check out my girl Laura Kinsella of UrbanOrganyze, and of course, if you’d like assistance with the Wardrobe Editing part, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly to schedule a session.

Tip 2: STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. This means literally embracing something you’ve never tried/worn before. Maybe a new color, maybe a more adventurous cut or silhouette, maybe checking out a new trend or garment length. By pushing yourself a little out of the box, you’ll force yourself to look at your existing clothes with new eyes as more combinations will become apparent that you haven’t considered before. Try it and report back — you can use hashtag #dinasstylechallenge on Instagram and I’ll repost your outfits in my stories!

Tip 3: FOLLOW OTHER FASHIONISTAS FOR INSPIRATION. Even being a stylist myself and working to inspire others, I’m constantly seeking motivational inspiration from my peers. I highly recommend a few minutes of perusing your favorite accounts on Instagram or Pinterest. Colors you’ll love, new clothing arrivals at stores and even beautiful locales can help make your serotonin levels rise so you can feel happier to step in front of your closet with a smile. Some of my favorites are Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam, Victoria of A Gallon of Glitter, @myfavoritethings25 , @dominique_collinsstyle to name a few.

As my “stylish baby products” recommendation series continues, in this post I wanted to introduce you to mine and Charlie’s much-loved stylish toys by BlaBlaKids and Finn & Emma. Both companies make eco-friendly toys that are hand-made with love and care. His favorites are Rivier the Elephant, Sox the Fox and the Giraffe Rattle Lovie. The toys are made from organic materials — which makes them safe to gnaw on, which he does all the time now 🙂 We also enjoy the Safari Gym from Finn & Emma – I really love that its beautiful design doesn’t clash with our apartment decor, and it’s versatile enough that you can plop it right on the bed, or put it on a rug or mat on the floor. Check out my happy kid playing it with it below, and of course enjoying his tummy time, which is always more fun with pals!

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post with two more stylish baby essentials I can’t live without, and even more styling tips and insights along the way.

Until then!
Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling

Thank you BlaBlaKids and Finn & Emma for sending me complementary toys for Charlie to enjoy!

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