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Fourth Trimester Style Update: Busy New Mom Outfit Formulas & Favorite Stylish Baby Product

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I can’t believe my baby is already 3 months old this week! The time definitely is “felt” differently these days – I can’t say it flies by as most people do, but there is definitely a sense of shift of priorities – so 45 minutes during Charlie’s nap is a whole lifetime to get things done before he wakes up again and needs my full attention. I also feel that as a new mom, I’m still getting the hang of things – so maybe someone who is more seasoned knows how to smarter budget their day, while I’m still learning. But the one thing that is for sure is that I’m absolutely in love with this little bundle of cuteness, and want to spend every minute with him, seeing him grow, smile and develop his unique personality. That said, I’ve also been making a conscious effort not to abandon my clients and business – and luckily for me, I’m able to still work with 1-2 clients per week when my husband can watch our little man.

As I’ve been going through the past few months in terms of style, I definitely learned a lot about how someone with little time on their hands operates much differently in terms of dressing up, and how important it is to have your wardrobe be something that doesn’t cause you stress and is organized, effortless and thought-through enough that you appear put-together and clean, yet don’t need to spend more than 2 seconds on putting an outfit together. I also noticed that while on days I’m with clients I certainly make an effort to dress up creatively and use more of what’s in my closet, on days when I’m a SAHM with Charlie, I’m wearing 5-7 outfits on “rinse and repeat” – literally washing them, folding them and putting them back on (confession: sometimes they don’t even make it back to the closet, as I put them back on straight from the dryer!). This lead me to want to share some ideas for other new moms out there – and most busy women in general- on how to put together some outfit formulas for yourself to dress effectively and without frustration. I’ve devised 5 formulas – which are easy to replicate, for the “work” week – and some shopping suggestions for each. See below! These formulas are great because they can all go perfectly with one universal pair of shoes (slides, flats, flip flops or sandals) and sunglasses complete the look.

I’m also sharing one of my favorite new-mom products that I can’t live without right now. Read on!

1. FORMULA 1: CHAMBRAY TOP (SLEEVELESS OR SHORT SLEEVE) + PATTERNED SHORTS. During the summer in NYC, clothing requires major breathability – and as you’re running from the park to meet your friends or to an appointment, you’ll want clothing that doesn’t stick to your body. I like the idea of chambray (or denim) mixed with prints, and some of my favorite tops lately have been chambray and lightweight denim. Pairing the top with patterned shorts makes the look more fun!

2. FORMULA 2: MAXI DRESS + SHORT {DENIM} JACKET. A maxi dress is perfect in the Summertime as it’s easy to throw on and is casual, put-together and, most importantly, comfortable. My stylist tip for choosing a maxi dress that doesn’t swallow your frame (talking to you, fellow petite ladies!) is to choose one with waist definition, and a length that comes to around the ankle. Ankles are typically are narrowest points on the leg, and paired with defining your waist, it will create proper proportions and the appearance of slimness and polish (hitting those key spots like ankles and waist makes the eye stop at those areas, helping everything look thinner and more balanced). If you choose one without waist definition, a cropped jacket or belt can come to the rescue to put the proportions where they’re most flattering (a jacket is also a good way to stay warm in this unseasonably chilly June weather).

3. FORMULA 3: CROPPED COLORED DENIM + STRIPED SHIRT. A Summer stripe is always fun, and when paired with a cropped (or cuffed) colored jean, it makes for a carefree and approachable look. Choose stripes that are similar in size to your natural scale (if your facial features are on the smaller side, look for stripes that are smaller, and vice versa – to complement your face best).

4. FORMULA 4: MIDI SKIRT + TANK TOP. This look is easy and low maintenance, and breathes well. You can throw the same jean jacket on top for extra warmth, and my stylist tip is to tuck in the tank and let it blouse out just a touch – so it looks chic and effortless.

5. FORMULA 5: WHITE SHORTS + PATTERNED TOP: I know what you must be thinking – white and kids? No way! Well, that’s why bleach was invented, right? You can also wear this look on the weekend – when others are around that can take the baby off your hands for a bit and let you enjoy the sunshine 🙂

One other product that I wanted to share in this post is something that I’ve been really relying on in the past 3 months as it has allowed me to keep my baby safe, close and looks stylish in my home. It’s this great baby lounger called The Dock-A-Tot. I love putting it on the couch while writing my blog posts and on the bed when I’m doing things in the bedroom. It also makes for a mean back support for you when nursing 😉 Check it out – you won’t regret purchasing it as it’s a total lifesaver!

If you have questions or would like some one-on-one assistance in creating the most ideal and [fun]ctional New Mom Wardrobe for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out and check out my Maternity Styling Package, called “Most Stylish Mom-to-Be”, which helps you get through this special time in your life with great poise, style and flair.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post with more stylish baby essentials, and more styling tips and insights along the way.

Until then!
Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling
Charlie DockATot Feature
DockATot Feature 4th Trimester Update Blog Post

Thank you Dock-A-Tot for sending me a complementary Deluxe Lounger in “Love Links” Pattern for Charlie to enjoy!

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