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Accessory Trends: Borrowed from the Boys – JJ Suspenders

JJ Suspenders Borrowed From The Boys Style
As a personal stylist, I’m super passionate about accessories. I think they are often overlooked, but in my opinion can take your outfit to the next level – adding polish, color, bringing cohesiveness, and helping you tell a story (a concept we stylists call “linking”). Not to mention, they can help you update your existing wardrobe in ways that don’t cost much and make your clothes feel fresh and new.
One thing I always push myself to do as a stylist is to innovate – especially so when it comes to accessories: using them in unexpected and unique ways, mixing trends with classics and updating staples to make them relevant for the look and the season (stay tuned for a blog post on how to choose the right trends for you – coming soon!) I also love coming up with my own trends, and finding creative ways to use wardrobe staples (scarf belt, anyone?)

So when JJ suspenders reached out to me about styling my male clients with their product – always up for a creative style challenge, I thought why not use it for women instead, in a sort of “borrowed from the boys” fashion?

My husband and I were on our annual “Lobster Pilgrimage” trip to Maine last week, and I brought a pair with me to wear to dinner at one of our favorite Portland, Maine spots, right on the wharf in Old Port – J’s Oyster. As we were waiting for our table, we walked around the wharf and caught some setting sun rays while watching the boats gently rock in the harbor waters.

I paired the suspenders (Ink Blot – Spotted Red & Navy) with my favorite Anthropologie striped top by Bordeaux, tucked into my JCrew blue chino shorts. My go-to Vince Camuto sandals + Dior sunglasses completed the look. The contrast between the red, white, black and blue complemented nicely with the lobster traps, wood docks and white boats on the water. Check out the pics!
  • JJ Suspenders Borrowed From The Boys
I’ve also come up with a few other looks you can rock these suspenders with – in the style collage below. They can be easily worn with a skirt, white denim or even black leather leggings for Fall – the options are endless! And they come in so many different patterns, colors and fabrics – that there is one to match any style personality. Be sure to click through to JJ Suspenders to see them all 🙂
JJ Suspenders Collage
Enjoy and happy styling!

Fashionably yours,

Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling

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