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Third Trimester Style Update (Plus Baby Shower Dress Ideas)

3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling

As I’m entering my 3rd and final trimester (29 weeks this week), I’m starting to get full use of all the Maternity wear that I’ve stocked up on over the course of the past few months, with some go-to outfits on (heavy) rotation, so I thought it was time for another style update with a couple of styling tips, insights and suggestions.

1. COMFORT IS EVERYTHING. Incidentally, as my belly started to get big, the weather in NYC started to get freezing. Not a great combination for a pregnant woman – as all the layers you need to wear become uncomfortable, restrict movement and crimp motivation to go outside. What I found is working best for me right now is layering my tights and leggings to double the warmth on my legs (which is comfortable and feels good) – I’ve been wearing Spanx Maternity Tights and Leggings and Blanqi Maternity Leggings and they’ve been awesome.

I’ve also be sticking to a sweater or cotton long-sleeve dress plus cardigan under coat formula, for extra comfort. I’ve included a few of my faves below – well worth the investment as you’ll get a ton of wear out of them. This outfit formula also doesn’t compromise your style – making you feel better about yourself and the way you look.

What I discovered is that maternity dresses are quite flattering and sexy, actually – as they hug your curves, and make it obvious that you’re growing a human life, not just growing large. I’ve been really loving my cotton dresses from Ingrid & Isabel – they have 3/4 sleeves and shirring around the waist – so they look stylish, and are easy to throw on. I’ve also been mixing them up with a few patterned ones from Pink Blush Maternity, a brand I’ve been partnering with over the past few months. The ones I tend to choose from them are mostly empire-waisted – which allows for amazing belly definition, coupled with comfort.

For days when it’s been super cold, I’ve also added a few sweater dresses from J.Crew to my wardrobe (which can still be worn next season as they’re NOT Maternity). To avoid them looking too moo-moo-ish as they’re straight-lined and don’t hug the belly, I’ve been belting mine above the belly for extra definition. You can check out the ones I’ve been wearing down below.

Oh, and warm boots are key – I’m absolutely in love with my Jeffrey Campbell shearling-lined booties from Anthro (sold out, but similar styles included below) and have been wearing them non-stop as they go with everything (power of neutrals) but definitely have a personality that makes the outfits.

2. GET STYLISH INSPIRATION FROM OTHER MOMS-TO-BE. I found that it’s been really important not to feel disconnected during my pregnancy, and to remind myself that there are other moms-to-be out there, who are going through similar experiences, having similar challenges (style ones included), and who might have inspiration and advice to share. I am a very visual person, and found Instagram to be a great source of style inspiration and encouragement from other moms and future moms (be sure to follow along on my style journey if you don’t already) – and there is a huge community of stylish moms on there, sharing their daily struggles and triumphs, in a very empowering way. Here are a few of my favorites that I’d love to introduce to you – they all make maternity style and motherhood look so easy – and chic: Jenn Eppachan from Gold is My Neutral, Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane and Becky Hillyard from CellaJaneBlog.

3. CLEAN LINES, A DASH OF COLOR AND A SPLASH OF MAKEUP GO A LONG WAY! On days when getting out of bed feels like it warrants a medal, I find it very helpful to have a few stylist and makeup artist secrets at my disposal. A little bright color in my color palette (Spring) always lifts my mood & fills my surroundings, and projects a positive message to the outside world. I’m a big fan of colorful clothes, and one piece that has been my favorite during my pregnancy has been my J.Crew Stadium Wool Cocoon Coat in a bright green color. The shape is very flattering on any figure – and happens to be even more so on a pregnant one because of its elongating front line and zipper. It’s also cut to the perfect length just above the knee – which is an excellent proportion for making my legs look longer and balancing my upper and lower body.

As far as finishing touches are concerned, I’m also finding that a lipgloss and some bronzer/illuminator are great at pulling me out of feeling overwhelmed, giving me a glow and a sense of being put-together. I’ve never been one to use lipstick or lipgloss every day, but now see that this simple swipe of color makes me feel and look so much better! I’ve been using my favorite Dior Addict Ultra Gloss (similar colors linked below) and just ordered a new bronzer that I’m very excited about from Tom Ford (link below).

4. GO SHOPPING FOR A NEW DRESS! As most moms-to-be, I’m planning my (Co-Ed) Baby Shower for next month, and one thing that has gotten me very excited – naturally as I love shopping – is picking out the perfect shower dress! I promised in my last post to give you some suggestions on best NYC Maternity Stores + Online Retailers that I’ve found to be super helpful with stylish Maternity wear, and below are my 4 faves; they all carry great options for stylish Baby Shower Dresses (I’ve mentioned most of them already in this post). I’m also linking a few dress options below that would be perfect for a Baby Shower!

A Pea In The Pod Maternity (online, or locations throughout various Macy’s around the city)
HATCH Collection (online & they have a physical store on Bleecker Street they opened recently, which has — wait for it — a cravings bar downstairs!)

If you have questions or would like some one-on-one assistance in creating the most ideal and [fun]ctional Maternity Wardrobe for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out and check out my Maternity Styling Package, called “Most Stylish Mom-to-Be”, which helps you get through this special time in your life with great poise, style and flair.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post with best stylish baby essentials, and more styling tips and insights along the way.

Until then!
Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling

3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling
3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling
3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling
3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling
3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling
3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling
3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling
3rd Trimester Styling Update by Modnitsa Styling

Photos by Tracy Qiu of T.Curate for a Stylist Feature of a new App, called Rytzie. Stay tuned for the feature going live in the next few weeks!

  • January 17, 2018

    You look amazing! Loved your post too!

  • February 2, 2018

    I am loving the way you are keeping up with your style while realistically also being comfortable! You are a true third trimester inspiration to us all haha! <3