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Client Reflections: Svetlana’s Style Journey

I love working with all of my clients, and hearing their stories when they come to me, and seeing their amazing transformations after we work together.

Svetlana came to me a few months ago with a desire to update her look; she was struggling with finding a style that expressed her personality, but was still comfortable and fun — and allowed her to be herself and feel confident. We worked together on a Style & Color Session, followed by Personal Shopping, and I’m so happy to report that Svetlana’s perception of her style has completely changed after our work together. She now loves her wardrobe and has a lot of fun mixing all the pieces together, receiving a ton of compliments on her looks.

I asked her to be the first in my new blog post series of “Client Reflections: Style Journeys” — please read as she shares the reasons she hired me, the ways the experience was transformative, and tips on finding a stylist to help you feel your most confident in the way you look!

Q: What initially prompted you to seek out my services (of an Image & Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Shopper)?
A: I always liked smart clothes and used to wear nice dresses when I was younger. But a couple of years ago, I became a housewife and started putting less and less attention to what I wear. I had a pair of jeans, a sweater, a couple of tops and used to wear them all the time. Shopping for me was a disaster and I tried to avoid it.

A year ago, I started a small business, but since I worked from home, I didn’t need to dress up. When I decided to contact Dina, I was frustrated. I realized that something is wrong with me and I didn’t have any idea what to do. My wardrobe was full of clothes but I had absolutely nothing to wear!

My outfits didn’t reflect my personality at all and they made me look worse than I am in reality. I didn’t know what colours work good for me, what shapes fit me better and I used to wear the same clothes all the time. I hated looking in the mirror because I didn’t like that boring woman.

In a meanwhile, my business was growing, and this summer I was invited to a couple of live events in Russia. I knew that we will make a lot of pictures and videos and I was in a panic because I didn’t know what to wear. I realized that I need a stylist to develop my style and help me buy appropriate clothes.

Q: What were some of the struggles you were having with your wardrobe and some of the questions you had before we got started?
A: My request was really a last minute and I was so happy that Dina was available for a consultation. But unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to prepare for a session. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I want to buy, that’s why it was difficult for me to describe my preferences and prioritize them. I was struggling with Pinterest because I couldn’t find images that exactly depict what I wanted to wear. Also, I had some doubts that outfits I like would work for my constitution. Last but not least, I didn’t know the brands and couldn’t decide where I want to go shopping. I was not sure whether it was the right decision for me to contact a stylist because I didn’t understand what I wanted and what I needed and couldn’t explain it to anyone.

Q: What do you think was the most exciting part of the process of us working together?
A: When I arrived for the Color Analysis Session, you very quickly showed my different textures and colors and explain why they work or don’t work for me. I realized that I didn’t take it into account when I was shopping alone. You told me what length and shape I need and what I should avoid and from that moment I was sure that I made the right decision to work with you. When we went to the stores, I already knew that we will find something outstanding. I loved the stores, the clothes and the combinations you offered me. I bought everything that was on my list and I would have bought even more because everything was outstanding! My husband was first concerned about my idea to contact a stylist but when he saw my new outfits, he was convinced that it was the best I’ve ever bought.

Q: How was shopping with me different from shopping by yourself?
A: First of all, it was faster. Within three hours, I bought 3 tops, 2 dresses, a blazer, jeans and 2 pairs of shoes! I loved all I bought and I can make countless combinations of them! Your competences are very high. I was surprised how quickly you could find exactly what I had in mind, even if I couldn’t explain to you what I wanted.

When I used to go shopping on my own, I was always stuck because I couldn’t choose anything. I often came back home without buying what I needed, what made me afraid of shopping. With you, I tried new styles and combinations I would never try alone, just because I wouldn’t pick them!

Also, it was a nice surprise that I got a special discount at the stores, which makes shopping with you even more worth! For now, I get clothes I like, a valuable advice on how to wear it and how to combine it with other clothes and I save money.  I get compliments every day! My colleagues and relatives notice that I have changed. And I feel much more confident in myself. It’s incredible how clothes can change the way we feel and the way other people perceive us. I’m so happy I found you!

Q: What would you say stuck with you the most after our sessions?
A: Already during the session, I knew that I will never go shopping on my own again! I liked this new experience. I wanted to buy more and started planning a new session immediately. I have no problem with combining new pieces together. The only thing I was stuck with is what make-up, nail polish, and jewelry to wear with my new outfits. But I will definitely work on that in the future.

Q: Any advice for people looking to hire a stylist?
A: If you are looking to hire a stylist, just do it because it is worth it! Read reviews, talk to a stylist, ask questions, make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are going to hire. Also, I would recommend taking a look at your stylist’s pictures, because they can tell you more than nice descriptions on their web pages. I chose Dina because she was friendly to me, she answered all my questions and tried to accommodate my needs, even though I had a last-minute request. I would highly recommend going shopping with her because she is really competent and professional! I did a photo shooting in my new outfits and everybody says I look gorgeous. Thanks a lot for this experience! You are amazing!

Stay tuned for upcoming stories in the series, and check out Svetlana’s gorgeous photos that she took on her trip in her new outfits. You can also shop her looks below.


If you’re interested in scheduling a session for yourself (or purchasing one as a gift), please don’t hesitate to contact me directly!

Fashionably yours,

Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling

Svetlana Style Reflections Blog Post
Svetlana Style Reflections Blog Post
Svetlana Style Reflections Blog Post
Svetlana Style Reflections Blog Post
Svetlana Style Reflections Blog Post
Svetlana Style Reflections Blog Post
Svetlana Style Reflections Blog Post
Svetlana Style Reflections Blog Post

Thank you, Svetlana for sharing your story and beautiful photos! I can’t wait to work with you again soon 🙂

  • Oksana
    August 14, 2018

    Great work stylist. Svetlana is simply beautiful.

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      June 28, 2019

      Thanks a lot!
      Thanks a lot!

  • August 14, 2018

    She is so pretty!! I always love hearing clients’ stories!

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    She looks fantastic! I love that dress especially! Well done!

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    She truly is a total glowing beauty! absolutely love the style round up too!


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    She looks beautiful!! Great job! xo Jana | http://www.janastyleblog.com

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    love getting to read about her personal style discovery! Just beautiful!

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    September 1, 2018

    Очень красивые и живые фото. Стилист поработала на славу. Браво.