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Modnitsa Styling  Virtual Look Book & Catalog Session
Virtual Look Book and Catalog Session

Virtual Look Book & Catalog Session


Revamp your style & get a ton of complements on your new look!




In this virtual session, I will create a virtual look book & catalog of your closet via a closet app.

I will email you the closet app link for you to download and you will create a login for us to be able to both have access to. You’ll provide me with up to 50 pictures of items from your existing wardrobe (including clothes, bags, accessories and shoes), and I will import them into a closet app, removing backgrounds to make it easier to create looks.

I will then create 25 “looks” with your wardrobe pieces for fun and creative fresh outfit ideas. This will allow you to have a virtual inventory of your closet (great for seeing what you already own and identifying what you might be missing), and the looks I create will make getting dressed in the morning easy and exciting – sparking more outfit formula ideas of your own!

*This session is available for existing clients only. Please contact me directly for inventory exceeding 50 items.



*If you’re purchasing this package as a gift, you will receive a gift certificate that you can print or email to your recipient. After your order is processed, I will contact you within 24-48 hours so we can customize your gift certificate.

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