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Fashion Spanning Generations (otherwise known as the 1st post)

Fashion Spanning Generations Inspiration to Style

I come from a family of very inspiring and strong women. Both my grandmothers went through a war, tough times and limitations. They both had very successful careers, where they managed to be leaders in their respective fields, innovators and forward-thinkers. But what stands out the most in my memory of them is how they presented themselves as women — wives, mothers, fashionistas. Looking back at photographs of when they were young, I can’t help but feel proud, impressed and inspired. They were “Modnitsa(s)” in the truest sense of the word — when translated from Russian, the word means “fashionista, a stylish individual who always stays in fashion and ahead of the trend”.

My maternal grandmother has passed that on to my mom, who in turn, passed it on to me.  I feel that I inherited my sense of style, aesthetic and taste from the women in my family. I remember that from the time I was a little girl, looking polished and put together was extremely important to me. I was always amazed at how even with our limited resources, my mom was somehow able to dress my sister and I to look our best. Doing your hair before leaving the house was not optional: it was a must. My mom has helped me develop an appreciation for clothing quality and taught me how to properly take care of my wardrobe to extend its life span. She taught me how to wear the same outfit in so many different ways no one will notice it’s the same, by just changing some accessories, hair and shoes.

Even though it took me several years and career direction changes to get to where I am today, I always knew I wanted to work in fashion. I am truly inspired by the women who put themselves together well and carry themselves with poise and ease. I strive to teach my clients to learn to do that by giving them the tools they need to enhance what nature gave them.

I hope that I can use this blog to share my fashion and style finds, tips and tricks of the trade, and inspire you (my readers) to use style as a tool to self-expression, elevated confidence and a more fun, happy every-day experience in the world.

Fashionably yours,

Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling

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