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Exclusive Preview: Kate Spade Valentine’s Day + New Collection

Kate Spade Inside The Store Tour

Kate Spade January Collection

Last week, I was given an exciting opportunity to get a private, after-hours tour of the Kate Spade NYC Fifth Avenue store to check out the new January collection, and get a sneak-peek at the Valentine’s Day exclusive pieces.

My photographer Rachael and I had so much fun perusing the new super-colorful handbags and outfits, hanging out on the posh armchairs browsing Kate Spade’s amazing selection of glossy coffee-table editions, trying on watches, sunglasses and jewelry, and obsessing over the limited-edition Valentine’s Day purses.

My absolute faves were the new Cedar Street Small Purses in bright yellow, hot pink, and grey & pink color combinations, the super fun Black Wink Metro Watch, the Sleeveless Bow Top in geranium pink and the Multi-Stripe Midi Skirt. I found some great recipes & hostess advice in the All In Good Taste table top book (need to get one for my apartment ASAP!) and of course I was completely blown away by what Kate Spade does best: holiday-based, super limited edition pieces from the “Secret Admirer” collection: the City Hearts Hallie Tote, the Applique Hearts Carley Clutch and the Heart Crossbody Bag. And, of course, nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like the Rose-Colored Glasses Rose Pail Bag (love, love, love it!).

Hope you join me on the virtual store tour below – scroll down to take a look.

Do you have a favorite piece from their new arrivals? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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