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Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Cuts

Markdown Mondays: Beach-y Accessories

Summer is almost synonymous with beach and if you're lucky, and live near the coast like I do, you would take any chance possible to get away and spend some time by the water. In today's ‪#‎MarkdownMondays‬ style digest, I selected 5 summer accessories that will...

Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Deals

Markdown Mondays: Summer Dresses

Dresses are the easiest summer outfit option - they create an instant "look", and can be taken from day to evening with just some shoes and accessories (and makeup!) Today's ‪#‎MarkdownMondays‬ style digest presents two of my favorite dresses, currently on sale, with two pairs of...

Markdown Mondays Blog Post Shopping Discounts

Markdown Mondays: All About Your Capsule Wardrobe

Summer capsule wardrobing is a very useful styling concept. It allows you to have a few pieces (think: lightweight summer travel bag) that all work together to create a multitude of outfits when shoes and accessories are added. Today's ‪#‎MarkdownMondays‬ style digest focuses on 5...