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Spring Trends: All Color, All the Time

Spring 2016 Trend Forecast

Spring-Trends-CollageAs the official beginning of Spring nears (despite the threat of heavy snow on literally the first day of Spring next week), stores are starting to unveil their new merchandise – which, like most years, is full of color and vibrancy.

I wanted to share my style digest of what I compiled as my personal style trend forecast from the new arrivals at JCrew and Neiman Marcus. I’m a big fan of clothes that can transcend the immediate “trend” cycle, and remain in your wardrobe for years to come, brining you joy – and both of those stores do a great job stocking pieces that are simultaneously current and timeless.

My style collage draws inspiration from the main color of Spring – yellow, which is a very optimistic hue. I recommend to all my clients to have a few pieces in yellow in their wardrobe for Spring (as well as year-round really) – as that color brings forward the energy of the sun, filling the room and helping you appear more approachable, fun and open.

To complement yellow for this style collage, I paired it with hues to both enhance and contrast – like bright and light pink, blue and camel.

As for the trends themselves, here is what I’m recommending as “must haves” for your Spring Wardrobe:

  1. A well-fitted blazer. This amazingly flattering, slim-fitting Regent Blazer by JCrew in linen is perfect to pair with jeans, a skirt, or wear over shorts or a dress.
  2. A midi (pleated) skirt. Midi is a very flattering length as it usually sits high at the waist, accentuating it – thus enhancing your body shape to be more of an hourglass. It also hits a little below your knee, where your leg is naturally more narrow (making you look longer and slimmer). This flowing one from JCrew fits the bill perfectly. **If you’re wondering how to best identify what figure type you are for ideal clothing fit, be sure to check out my previous blog post on an easy-to-follow fit guide.**
  3. A basic tee. You need it in many colors so you can wear it in a multitude of ways – and this Painter Tee from JCrew is amazingly soft and super versatile.
  4. A fun shoe. These Harlequin Print Valentinos are both classy and classic; and the studs are still very much in – but in this version, they are a little more tamed as the colors of the print take precedence.
  5. A comfortable shoe. As amazing as the Valentinos are, you probably won’t want to wear them every day, so you need a shoe that will be both stylish AND comfortable to rock with all your Spring and Summer pieces. These Guiseppe Zanotti mid-heel sandals combine the stability of the heel with the fashionable and current look of the tassels ans studs. And the nude color (called falasco) is a neutral – so it can be paired with just about anything.
  6. A stunning dress. I think you need a new one for all the parties you’ll be hitting this Spring and Summer. This one-shoulder rosette sheath by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni will be sure to leave an impression they won’t soon forget 😉

Styling Tip: when choosing the right yellow, look for the contrast level to be on par with that of your own complexion: if you’re very fair, look for softer, more pale tones, while if your complexion has more clarity, choose shades that are more vibrant and make your features pop. The best way to identify the ideal yellow is through my Color Analysis process, in which we’ll determine your undertone and your color season with a palette of all the colors that will make you look amazing every day.

Check out all the shopping details below – and please leave a comment if you’re interested in scheduling your Color Analysis in time for Spring!

Enjoy – Happy Styling and Happy Friday~

Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling



Note: I’m not affiliated with any of the stores, just a fan 🙂

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