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Modnitsa Styling  Most Stylish Mom-to-Be

Most Stylish Mom-to-Be


Eliminate the stress of “nothing to wear” during your pregnancy with this fun & comprehensive Maternity Styling Package.



This styling package includes the following services:

30 Minute Color Analysis Session: we’ll identify your ideal palette of colors: shades and tones that will make you look your best. The service includes a color fan tool to guide you through your color palette.

90 Minute Style Development Session: we’ll define & develop your personal style and discuss elements that make it unique and authentic (cuts, proportions, style personality, etc.). The session includes a Stye Workbook with all the style concepts we’ll discuss.

2 Hour “First Trimester Wardrobe Screening”: will take place in your home and will be the first step to getting your wardrobe stylish and pregnancy-ready. We’ll review your outfits & accessories in the context of the next 9 months — identifying what can be converted to maternity wear, creating exciting new “pregnancy-friendly” looks for work and fun, and discussing what essentials you’ll need to purchase to enhance your wardrobe.

2 Hour “Second Trimester Shopping Attack”: building on our previous session, this will help us find the missing necessities to round out your stylish pregnancy wardrobe. It usually takes place during your 2nd Trimester, and we’ll shop a few select stores to purchase essential items you’ll need during your pregnancy to create fun, creative and polished looks.

2 Hour Postnatal Closet Re-Evaluation Session: normally takes place 1-3 months after your baby is born. We’ll re-edit your closet based on your newly changed body to create outfits that work for your new lifestyle.

3 Hour Postnatal Personal Shopping: the last step in this journey, where we will shop for new outfits to update your existing wardrobe and keep it feeling fresh, exciting and current.

*If you’re purchasing this package as a gift, you will receive a gift certificate that you can print or email to your recipient. After your order is processed, I will contact you within 24-48 hours so we can customize your gift certificate.

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